Our Digital Marketing Services

Our branding and marketing services are designed to get your Small Business more clients. We provide a simple and proven marketing strategy that saves you time and gets results.


How We Serve Your Small Business

We strive to offer all the digital marketing services a business owner would need without being convoluted or overly inflated.

Our services are world-class and we are known leaders and innovators in our field. No matter what services you use Marketing Maiden for, you know you will be getting the best service, the best price, the most attention, and be supported by a team who truly cares about you and your business!

If you are interested in our services just reach out. We are happy to answer any questions, provide an individual estimate, or help you decided what your next marketing step should be.

Branding and Design

We help define your brand through visual emotion and impactful designs, created just for your business.

Coaching and Guidance

We are the marketing experts and we don’t expect you to be. We will guide you every step of the way.

Email Marketing

Delivering your message in an eye-catching email directly to your customer whenever, wherever.

Lead Generation & PPC Services

Through digital ads, PPC, social media, and other online marketing we will help drive new customers to your business.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Supporting your community and creating conversations and relationships with your followers.

Google My Business Management

Creating and managing one of your most important online assets. Building your business and driving new leads.

SEO Services

Helping you rank and be found on Google. Building growth through proven strategies to increase your domain authority.

Reporting and Analytic

Proprietary industry reports that show you exactly what is happening so you can evaluate the success of working with us.

Teaching and Training

We are happy to teach you or your team new marketing strategy and implementation.

Our Signature Process

The Maiden’s Method

Research & Analysis

We take the time to hear what your actual needs are and what results you want to achieve. We ask the right questions to help us understand where you most need to focus your marketing efforts.

We research and analyze your company, your industry, what has worked in the past, what you have time to commit to, and your budget. From there we build a strategy that will work for you and drive results.

Planning & Accountability

We map out a clear plan for your marketing. We loop you in on the strategy so you understand the focus and where your money is going. We set clear expectations and tell you exactly what we need from you, and by when.

This helps us provide you with great marketing results without wasting your time. We tell you what we need from you and once you deliver, we are off to make results.

Execute & Monitor

Once your marketing plan is defined – we implement and monitor all of your digital marketing activities for you, daily. We create great campaigns, implement those campaigns, and make sure those campaigns are being seen by the right people at the right time.

Each month we deliver your data in simple proprietary marketing reports that show you exactly what results were achieved.


Trusted by Top Companies

Also Available for

Speaking and Events

As a Small Business Educational and Inspirational Speaker, I inspire your audience members to grow their business, believe in themselves, and live their dreams.

Through a combination of education and engaging speaking, I help your audience members achieve greater success with their businesses. My core principle: Believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing, to help your business grow and succeed. This idea along with the education and tools I provide will inspire any small business owner to grow, learn, and be more successful.

Meredith has recently spoken for Made in Loveland, Superior Chamber of Commerce, and Independence University. She is also the host of The Maiden’s Minute YouTube Channel.


Pricing Models For Every Need

No Matter what your marketing needs are, Marketing Maiden can be right for you!

We offer individual planning sessions if all you need is some strategies and guidance. We also offer full suite marketing packages that cover all of your digital marketing needs simply and professionally.

Contact us today to find out the exact price for your exact needs.

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