10 Simple Ways to Build Your Email List [Video & Blog]

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For a small business, your email marketing list is one of the most valuable assets you have. You will use it to connect with your customers, introduce contacts to new offers, and consistently bring in new and repeat customers to your business. Recent data from Campaign Monitor states that for every $1 you spend on email marketing you make $38 back, that is some substantial ROI!

Many small business owners fail to give their email marketing list the true attention it deserves. You should always be working towards growing and supporting your email list but many small business owners get lost in the details and neglect their list growth goals. Today, I am going to give you 10 simple ways to grow your email list that are straightforward, fast, effective, and that you can get started on today!

#1 Ask! Ask! Ask! 
This may be the most simple way but one that almost all business owners neglect. When you connect with ANY person in any business capacity- ask if you can put them on your email list. Ask every person you meet, ask everywhere you go, ask over the phone, ask in your emails, ask in your blog. In any conversation you have, just simply ask if you can add that person to your email list. 
#2 Include sign up instructions on your business cards 
This is a forgotten and important way to build your list. You should include simple sign up instructions on your business cards.  A quick “Sign up for my mailing list at marketingmainden.com” or “text MAIDEN to 4646 to sign up for my mailing list” or even “Want on the list? Email me today to sign up!” Anything like these statements will help drive contacts to sign up for your mailing list directly from your business cards.
#3 Everywhere you go, put out a sign-up sheet
Another simple way to grow your list is to put out an email list sign-up sheet anywhere you go.  Anytime you are going to be around a group of business contacts, put out a sign-up sheet. If you are going to: a meetup, business lunch, networking event, community event, if you are speaking somewhere, going to a trade show, or even attending an educational seminar then put out a simple sign-up sheet. Ask for a contact’s name and email address and place it facing people who will be walking by you. 
#4 Hold a giveaway
This is a fun way to invite contacts to join your mailing list. Every business has something to give away like: a product, a valuable white paper, a free consultation, some items of value you have laying around, an Amazon giveaway, or a gift card. People are willing to give you their email address for the chance to win something fun. Be a little creative and generate some real excitement around your giveaway. Run your giveaway for about a month, then announce the winner to everyone in an email.
#5 Add a “Join My List” link to yours, and any employees, email signatures
This should take you about five minutes to complete and is surprisingly effective! At the bottom of your signature add a link with something like “Join my list” or “Sign up to receive my emails”. Giving people a direct link to sign up will help turn those conversations into email list contacts.
#6 Encourage current contacts to forward / share your email
Your current customers are a great source to help you find and connect with new email contacts. In every email you send your list, you should include a “Share this Email” button to inspire contacts to forward or share your email. Twice a year you should ask your contacts to share or forward your content to anyone they think could benefit from it. Then, make sure first time readers have a simple way to sign up for your list directly from your email.  
#7 Put sign up instructions on all print materials
As a small business, you most likely have 10 different print items ready to go at any time. Make sure all your flyers, posters, handouts, brochures, samples, estimates, and case studies have a simple way for someone to join your mailing list directly printed on them.
#8 Include an easy sign up during information collection
If you are a business that collects any information online, like when you sell a product, host a webinar, run an event, or offer a quote; then make sure to ask the contact to join your mailing list while they are entering in information, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. 
#9 Set up your Facebook page Call to Action button
Another simple way to build your email list is with the Facebook Call to Action button. This button will be displayed on your Facebook Page over part of your background image. It should take less than four minutes to set up and the instructions on how can be found here
#10 Get involved in the community
Getting outside of your office and into your community will help connect you to potential customers. You can volunteer for a cleanup day, help out at a bike race, become a part of your local chamber of commerce, or teach a skill at the local library. You will be connecting with people and building your network, then you just have to ask if you can add them to your list! 
I hope these 10 simple ways to grow your email list will help you and your business! 
I would love to hear what you have to say, feel free to email me at contact@marketingmaiden.com.

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