Don’t Cross The Streams!

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A scene from a classic movie that told of the unknown destruction, that theoretically could have leveled their “business” or in that case the world. Old movie references aside, crossing the streams isn’t advised. Segmenting your leads and business connections into smaller, more defined lists is the best way to target potential leads while rooting out the “dead” ones.

When segmenting your contacts, before you even start the tips below, be sure to separate your leads from your current customers (that’s where the don’t cross the streams comes from, clever huh?) You can target each with specific promotions and messages that probably wouldn’t resonate with with both groups.
Now there are plenty of ways to segment your email marketing lists and we won’t go into all or even most of them here. But if your looking for more, a quick google search will give you more than enough ways to segment your little heart out!
After separating your current customers and leads, the first thing we like to do is AGE your list. The average email address only lasts about 16 months these days, with as much 30% of potential leads changing addresses annually! Grouping contacts by the year they joined your list will help you tailor your message, and some leads will need a little PUSH as they age on your lists.
Another great way to segment your list is by how the lead interacted with your marketing. How did they join your list? Was it a free holiday download that enticed them or however they opted in, use it to your advantage!
You can segment your list by persona and if your not quite sure what that means or looking to get a little more in-depth on it please read our blog about How to Identify your Ideal Customer Persona (includes video and free worksheet download). After segmenting your lists by persona, it’s as simple as creating emails that target to needs of the persona groups specifically, with laser precision.
Those few ways to segment your list are just the tip of the iceberg but i hope I’ve convinced you of the value of a segmented list. If not, how about these numbers – 77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted or triggered campaigns – Source DMA
Thanks for reading our blog. Feel free to comment below or reach out to us with any questions Happy Marketing!

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