7 Tips To Help Your Better Package Your Services

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Are your packages, prices, and general offering designed to help your best, and most ideal customer?

Take just a moment to think that through.

When it comes to creating packages for our services, many times we focus on the price or a “one size fits all” offering. We focus what we offer around – “What is someone willing to pay for this service?” and “What does the competition charge?” But is that really good enough, or are there areas of opportunity?

When we take this one size fits all approach to our offering, this often leads to packages that don’t solve the whole problem for your customer and leaves you feeling undervalued for all that you do.

So why not create an amazing package that is the perfect solution for your best customer!? Not just an okay solution for an okay customer.

Here are the top seven things to consider when creating a package for your ideal client and best customer base.

Top 7 Tips To Create The Best Marketing Package For Your Customer:

1 – What do they really need to get from where they are now to where your service should take them? Understanding where your client is at and where they’re looking to be will give you the space to craft the best package for your customer’s needs. 

2 – How much time will this really take you? In the business world, time is money. Having a true understanding of how much time and effort is needed to produce what your client is looking for will help you to price out properly.

3 – Are all the “above and beyond” you often throw in for free included in your price? People are willing to pay for quality, so don’t sell yourself short. Setting a fair price that is worth all of your hard work and effort will give you the freedom to attract the right type of clientele. 

4 – Is this package and price a good exchange for your energy? Does it feel good? This is one of the areas that is most often overlooked. While we never want to lose a sale, some jobs are just not the right fit for us, and it’s important to be able to sense that. Do you have a good rapport with this customer, or is there potential to build that? If you feel at all conflicted from doing the work at hand, that’s worth exploring. If your Spidey sense is tingling, don’t ignore it. Some jobs are simply not worth the money.

5 – Does it include the unique skills that only you can do for your customers? Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff! Take stock of what sets you apart and make sure to market that in terms of your offerings. 

6 – Does it really and completely solve the problem in the best way possible? Proactively assessing any potential mishaps or pitfalls will save you from having to do damage control later. Ask yourself if that package you’re creating is the best possible means to an end.

7 – Is it truly serving your potential clients with the highest intent? Your intention is everything. The care and consideration you put into your client’s package will shine through and set you apart. Always seek to do your client’s work for the highest good.

Focusing on these things items will help you to create the best package for amazing clients that you love working with. Your offer will be so good and help them so much that they can’t help but work with you! 

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This in turn will allow you to build the customer base that you want, which will then allow you to build lasting business relationships for years to come. These are the people who will become your biggest supporters, allowing your business to grow that much further.

Our approach to digital marketing is centered around building great relationships with our clients, quality marketing, and proven results. On average our clients see a 59% business growth in their campaign area. Also, 87% of our clients work with us over and over – our average client has worked with us for over 4 years! That proves the quality of the work we provide and the value of our services. Contact us today and let’s discuss your marketing needs.

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