Watch my Facebook Live recording all about How to Stay Positive While Starting and Running your Business. 
I give you my helpful tips and ideas on how you can change your frame of mind and help your business grow. I also share some personal insight into the Marketing Maiden world and connect deeper with you! See the full blog article a here
Staying positive and believing in yourself, your business, and what you are doing is critical to making your business successful. If you start to doubt yourself or the success of your business you can go to a very dark place – which will drive customers away, hurt your business performance, hurt your self-confidence, and if you let it, could honestly destroy your business if you let doubt and fear take over. Whenever you hit a wall take a step back and see how you can look at this from a positive standpoint. Changing your frame of mind will change the outcome of your work and the success of your business. Go out there and live your dreams and be happy about it!
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