How to Stay Positive While Starting and Running Your Business

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Starting your business, living your dream… it is one of the hardest and scariest things you can do – but it is worth all the hard work when you get to live your dream every day. One of the biggest challenges of starting and running your business is staying positive and believing in what you are doing, as crazy as that might sound. It is easy to stay positive when things are going well for your business but when things are at their worst, it is more important than ever that you support and believe in what you are doing.  When you are just starting your business it can seem like you have more bad days than good- there is just so much to do and learn. In these bad moments, if you can change your frame of mind and focus on the positive, your business will benefit greatly, you will be more successful, and you will accomplish things you never imagined!

Staying positive and believing in your business is a lot easier than you think. My number one trick for staying positive is: To stop for just a moment and look back on all you have accomplished. If you need some help then fill in these statements to help you find a positive thought. “In the  ____ months/years that I have been running my business I have been able to accomplish ___________ and _________.” or “I have made so much progress toward my dream of _________ by ________.” or even just stopping and saying to yourself  “Wow, I am actually doing this! I am building my dream.” Taking just a few moments to look back and recognize all you have done will truly help you gain perspective. You will be able to see all the amazing things you have created, helping you overcome your doubts and fears so you can keep a positive frame of mind and deeply believe in what you are doing. 
My second tip for staying positive while starting your business is; Let it go! Yes, I know how much we love to obsess over things like- that jerk customer, that mistake, that issue or person – but spending too much time and energy on these negative things will kill your business in its tracks. I like to remember that – in the grand scheme of things, this one frustrating incident will not really affect you or your business in any real way. The situation was pretty insignificant if you were to look back 1 year from now, so don’t worry about it – let is go. I even whip out the old “haters gonna hate” motto sometimes to remind myself that these things don’t really matter and the faster I can let them go, the better me and my business will be. 
My final tip, the tip that always helps me stay positive when I feel extremely overwhelmed or stressed is: I tell myself that “I am doing the best I can and that is enough.” Simple, I know but when you truly do the best you that can – then no matter the outcome, you did enough. All of us who are living our dream give 110% every hour of every day, we couldn’t give any more. When you care that much about your business and what you are doing – then you are doing amazing! There will be dark days – some client may flip on you for no real reason, you may drop the ball on a project, you may let someone down. These things happen and when you do the best you can – it is ok. You did enough, you really did the best you could and that thought can help you put a positive spin on something that would normally get you down in the dumps.
Staying positive and believing in yourself, your business, and what you are doing is critical to making your business successful. If you start to doubt yourself or the success of your business you can go to a very dark place – which will drive customers away, hurt your business performance, hurt your self-confidence, and if you let it, could honestly destroy your business if you let doubt and fear take over. Whenever you hit a wall take a step back and see how you can look at this from a positive standpoint. Changing your frame of mind will change the outcome of your work and the success of your business. Go out there and live your dreams and be happy about it!
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