SEO Essentials Part 1. Search Engine Optimization You Can Do Yourself, Today!

Aug 3, 2017 | Search Engine Optimization | SEO | 2 comments

Search Engine Optimization: The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.
Search Engine Optimization is essential to your business’s ability to reach customers, both near and far on the web. Without a solid SEO plan your site will rank far below the competition and likely be stuck in limbo on a tangled web of obscurity! Before you go checking your budget and seeing that it’s most likely not an option to outsource SEO, Marketing Maiden is here to get you on track and up your odds of being front of the line on the search engine results page (SERP) anytime a potential new lead queries your keywords. Which leads us to our 2nd talking point, Keywords.
The keywords you choose for your business are highly important to your SEO strategy and can make or break your chances of ranking high. Your keywords are most successful when they are chosen to match how a customer searches for your products or services (or your competitor’s). If the competition is fierce for your particular business, your keywords need to be especially good put you ahead of the pack (It never hurts to do a little research to find what keywords your competitors are using). A quick Google search will tell you how to implement your keywords on your website.
For businesses that mostly offer local services, a key part of your SEO strategy is utilizing Google My Business and getting your business location verified to appear on Google maps and local searches (they send a postcard to your listed business address & you upload the key code on the card). When someone in your area googles cat boarding it’s crucial that your business “Joe’s Cat Motel” appears on Google Maps with your phone number, reviews (we will get into this more in pt. 2) and directions to your finest feline suite.
The last thing I wanted to touch on until part 2 is that SEO takes time. These things take a while to update and perpetuate throughout the web, so just remember to keep checking your businesses rankings (SEO isn’t just set it and forget it, unfortunately) and always be on the look out for ways to improve your search engine optimization. See you next time on Marketing Maiden’s essential SEO part 2!
Email nick@marketingmaiden with any SEO questions you may have.

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