This week’s tip may seem simple, but it is one of the biggest struggles for business owners- Being consistent!

Whether it is on your social media, your email marketing, your blog posting or your events, be consistent.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every day posting or creating content, it just means you need to be there regularly. Make sure you are postings at least twice a week on your social media, that you are publishing a blog at least twice a month, and that you are sending your email at least once a month. When you can hit these targets, you will be connecting with your customers and building trust.

When your customers can consistently see you and interact with you, it builds trust and faith in your brand. Trust is a huge decision maker when it comes to customer loyalty and we all want loyal customers! You may not see instant results from being consistent (and thus why so many businesses stop), but being in front of your customer consistently builds a relationship and keeps you top of mind. When the time comes that they need something you offer- they will instantly think of you because you have been interacting with them and building a silent connection.


Being consistent really isn’t too hard! Spend one hour a week planning your posts and customer engagement. If engagement marketing isn’t your thing, that is ok hire a marketing professional to help you. The time or money investment will be worth it in the end! #marketingtips

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