I can’t tell you how many business owners I have met who are just overwhelmed with running their business. They feel that everything is on their shoulders and they have to do it all. I am not going to lie, running your own business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as a lot of people make it.
My tip today will help so many business owners free up some time in their schedules. It is so simple: Don’t Reinvent the wheel! Let me give you a quick example to demonstrate my point. You, as a business owner, had a great idea- “I should start keeping track of my Social Media analytics”. Great idea- so you spend two hours online researching Social Media analytics and what you need to know, then you spend another four hours creating a template that you think will hold all the information that you need. You use it for about a two weeks then you spend another two hours editing it and making it more of what you actually need. Weeks go by and it still isn’t right so you spend another three hours trying to get more advanced, do fancier things- just to make it work for you. That is so much time wasted when you could easily just have Googled “Social Media analytics templates” and found one that would work, and been up and running in an hour. Yes, you may still need to edit some things, but at least you are moving in the right direction fast!

The online world is an amazing place full of instant access to high-quality resources. People love to share, and you need to take advantage of that! You would be amazed, if you just Googled some of the projects you are working on, how much free and useful content and resources there are. Most of what you are doing in your business has already been done before: you are not going to create a new way of balancing your business budget, you are not inventing new metrics, and you are not implementing a revolutionary way of organizing- you are running your business like millions have done before. Take advantage of what others have to offer- use their skills to help your business. Don’t reinvent the wheel- use great resources that are already out there- this will save you so much time and let you do amazing things with your core product or clients!! Look to the bottom of this page for a collection if my favorite free business templates!
Here are some of my favorite resources out there:
Excel Business Templates:
Word Business Templates:
General Business Templates:

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