Tip Tuesday | Sometimes, it’s ok to take a break

Oct 1, 2017 | Small Business Owner Inspiration | 0 comments

To a small business owner “Taking a Break”, in their mind, is admitting failure. They have given up, let the ball drop or whatever other negative thoughts of doubt they can put on themselves for taking a break.
Small Businesses never get permission to take breaks, so this blog is designed to give you permission! It is ok to take a break! Not everything you start will be perfect from day one- a lot of times you need to pause to recalibrate to your goals- that is a good thing! Most of the time business owners just get too overwhelmed with everything going on and end up dropping something to make room for something else- this is totally normal. You can pick back up at any time. Just because you were off Social Media for two months doesn’t mean you can’t start exactly where you left off. Your fans would so much rather you take a break to refocus then to push content you don’t believe in.
Sometimes we take breaks because things are going so well for us, we just don’t have time – and that is totally ok too! If that is happening to you- is may be a good time to see if you can get some help or hire someone to take on the tasks you just don’t have time for.
I just hate seeing business owners beat themselves up for taking a break from a project, social media, advertising, blog writing. They feel like once they stop they can’t get back into it, they feel ashamed or that the missed their chance. That is 100% not true. Breaks are a great thing for your content- it lets you re-evaluate what is working and what isn’t. Maybe you never come back to a project after a break or maybe you do but with even a greater vision. Either way- it is totally ok. Take a break- everything will be there when you come back- and if you do and no one will judge you negatively.

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