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Small Business Owners like you are now ready to get back on track and to restart their marketing this month. I have created a FREE complete August Small Business Marketing Plan designed to help your business do just that! It is a simple plan that will balance your peace as a business owner with the marketing content you need to connect with your audience. 

Well, August is here! Honestly, I can hardly believe it. This year has been…interesting to say the least. I know so many of my business owners out there have been having a less than a desirable year so far. As a result, many of us have been struggling to stay connected and motivated enough to serve our audience over the last few months. 

It is totally ok that we took some time off this Summer to focus on what needed to be focused on. 

Small business social media and marketing took an interesting turn this year. Focusing mostly on what information needed to get out right away, like new hours or operating procedures. Additionally, some of us also took a pause on social media posting to let other voices be heard during a tumultuous time. 

It hasn’t been easy for Small Business Owners to navigate this marketing landscape. I am happy to say that a sense of normalcy is starting to return. We are ready to reclaim this year and finish it out with a bang! Starting with a great August Small Business Marketing Plan!

We are starting to open back up and look to the future. Looking to connect to our audience and to reinvigorate our businesses. It really is an exciting time with a lot to look forward to. Small Businesses usually see a lot of success over the next few months. It is a time for more connection and more business – and who doesn’t want that?!

The first step for a lot of Small Business owners right now will be to focus-in and restart their marketing. You will want to start back up slow and steadyNo overwhelm or burn out allowed with my August Small Business Marketing Plan! 

To help, I have created a simple and effective August marketing plan that any Small Business owner can use to jumpstart their marketing and jumpstart their success throughout the rest of the year.

REE complete August Small Business Marketing Plan for your business from Marketing Maiden

This August Small Business Marketing Plan covers all the basics that every small business should create for their monthly marketing. It is simple and designed to not overwhelm you. If you are feeling super motivated you can always add in more content! Above all this plan lays out a peaceful and consistent way to market your business this month. 

Additionally, we tend to go full blast sometimes as business owners and put so much on our plates – we can never find the time to do it all. This is NOT what you want to do right now. You want to use this August Small Business Marketing Plan to help you find balance and ease in your marketing. In conclusion, keep it simple, keep it consistent, and keep it authentic. 

Also, if you review this plan and need a little more help with identifying what type of content may connect with your audience, then check out my video How to Identify Your Ideal Customer and Build a Simple Customer Persona video and worksheet on my blog for some great tips and tricks. 

I really hope that my August Small Business Marketing Plan helps you and your business. At Marketing Maiden, we want to see every business succeed and every business owner find more peace and balance in their lives. 

Finally, if you would like to connect more with me then check out my Instagram this is where I post most often. In addition, you can follow my Facebook Page for great articles and live workshops. 

Until next time – Happy Marketing <3 Meredith 

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