February 2019 Email Marketing Planning

Written by Meredith Siss


February 2019 Email Marketing Planning

Have you been showing your email marketing list any love this year? A lot of you have been doing great and sending out emails to your list – I am so proud of you! 

To really see the benefits of email marketing, as a business tool, you need to stay consistent. Keep your email marketing momentum going month after month to build adoring fans,  great clients, and happy customers.  

Show your list some love by sending out one exclusive deal just for them this month!

To help keep you inspired and keep you sending out those emails, I wanted to share a simple infographic from Constant Contact that will give you some great ideas on what content to put in your email marketing campaigns this month.

Remember, your emails don’t have to be super long. Your audience just wants to hear from you – sending a short email letting your list know it is Random Acts of Kindness Day and giving them an extra special 20% off coupon would be a wonderful email to send and would take about 20 minutes from start to finish to complete.

Don’t worry about length, just send an email!

We hope this simple guide will help you show your list some love this month <3

Happy Emailing!

-Meredith, Founder and Lead Marketer at

Marketing Maiden

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