How Do I Share A Post I See On My Facebook News Feed?

Written by Meredith Siss


Share a Post on my Facebook feed?

Do you have someone who would benefit from written out instructions on how to share a post they see on their Facebook News Feed?  Then here you go!

If someone needs the steps on how to share a post on thier News Feed – here you go.

Last week, we had a client who wanted to help people who had left a testimonial share that testimonial on their own Facebook Page. Our client could find the instructions online but the end users were not super tech savvy and they couldn’t figure out how to share a post. To help – we put the instructions, provided by Facebook, in a simple print out to help the end user who felt more comfortable learning this way.

So, if you know anyone who would benefit from this – please feel free to share, print, and distribute as needed.

Simple download to share with anyone

We hope this will help you. We will keep this updated a much as possible.

Happy Marketing!

-Meredith, Founder and Lead Marketer at

Marketing Maiden

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