This line comes from a song by the band Spinal Tap. A band that brings a lot of humor into the world but also this profound statement – just begin again.

Life is full of ups and downs, as Small Business Owners we live the waves even more. We put our passion, blood, and tears into everything we do. So when something doesn’t work out the way we want, or something goes in a different direction than we thought it out – it can knock us off our game.

We put so much into each project that we create, that we get emotionally tied to the outcome of that creation. But is that the best thing to do?

Not when it prevents you from knowing when to cut and run. Some things just are not meant to be. Some projects start off with the perfect feeling but somewhere along the way – get morphed into something we don’t want.

We can’t stay attached to something that is no longer serving us. It is time to let something go – stand in your power and say this doesn’t work for me anymore. This isn’t a fit for who I am right now – but I am going to find what is.

And that is what makes you an amazing and powerful Small Business Owner – you don’t give up – you just begin again.

You evaluate what is worth saving and bring it to new life. You start over. In big and small ways.

You most likely do some form of this every day already. What problem do you have to come at a new way? What process do you need to automate or improve? What fears do you have to overcome? What new project are you going to create?

You begin again, and again – better each time. You are stronger than you ever knew you could be and you are more powerful than you imagined because you are a business owner and that is no small task.

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