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How do you want the second half of this year to go?

Happy Summer! This weekend we officially crossed over into Summer. We are now halfway through 2020….wow.

2020 has been an interesting year. I know many of us have struggled with being a Small Business Owner this year. I also know that so many of us are still growing and going after our dreams despite all the resistance out there. 2020 is not a year to put your dreams on hold – it is still a year in your life and the life of your business.

It is time to focus on the rest of 2020. How do you want the second half of this year to go? What goals or dreams did you set way back in January that you still want to happen? What are you not willing to give up on? This is what you should focus on for the rest of the year.

So welcome Summer. Welcome to all the new opportunities and growth that is just out there waiting for you. Welcome to all the new clients and customers and products that you are all going to bring to life. Welcome to new ideas and marketing techniques that will inspire your business.

I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that the rest of 2020 will bring for us all!


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