On The Strawberry Full Moon, it is time to focus in and go after what you want! 

May was an interesting month. I know a lot of people and businesses have been riding waves of emotions during this last month. It hasn’t been easy for most of us. Under the light of this full moon, it is time for every business owner to focus in on what they want and go after it with some passion. 

Today, Friday, June 5th is a beautiful full moon. We call this moon the Strawberry Full Moon because this is the time that strawberries are harvested. This moon is in the astrological sign of Sagittarius – the archer. This sign is all about aiming an arrow and letting it fly, hitting your mark. What plans you focus on now are sure to grow and develop. 

This is a time of increased energy since it is a time of very focused energy. You may get some great ideas or feel really passionate about a new project. Use that passion to grow your business and try something new that your customers may love. Just make sure you use this energy for good. As it will put a lot of energy behind whatever you focus on whether it is good or bad. 

If you work in a team – make sure everyone is on the same page before you push forward. You don’t want anyone to feel left behind or resentful. 

Another gift of this full moon is the fact that it will be paired with a penumbral lunar eclipse. It will ask us to pause and look at things that may be holding us back or keeping us stuck. It will help us gain new perspectives on situations that you may find challenging. This is a great time to brainstorm with a mastermind group or some coworkers. It will also help you find some new solutions to old problems. 


This is also a great time to trim away some old habits that no longer serve you or our business. Look for opportunities to streamline or automate some processes to help free up your time. 

Lastly, while it feels like a really crazy time and we have to go-go-go. We must remember to relax and enjoy a little. I know this is not something that many of us have had the luxury of doing in a while but it is so important. This full moon is about the sweetness of the end of Spring and the beautiful transition to summer. It is about taking your time and enjoying the people and things around you. Remember to give yourself and your employees time to relax and enjoy a little. A long Friday lunch never hurt anyone! You will be amazed at how rechanged you and our team feel after a little enjoyment.

So plan out some goals and some things you want to accomplish in the new few weeks. Don’t overwhelm yourself but do focus in on what you want. There is a lot of energy here to help you grow your business. Now you just need to direct it towards what you want!  

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