The Mindset Secret For Growing and Being Successful During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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And here we are. Right in the middle of one of the weirdest and most uncertain times of our lives. I don’t know about you – but this has been hard and I think it has been hard for just about everyone on the planet right now. It is weird, it is stressful, it is annoying, and it is scary. All things that can affect your mindset as a small business owner.

But like all things – this is just a moment in time, and soon it will pass. When it does, where will you and your business be? 

So many of us are so focused on the moment to moment of navigating our current situations. Most of us are not thinking about the future at all. And this is a big problem.  

As a business owner – it is absolutely critical to always be planning, developing, and growing. It is your passion and energy that drive your business and helps it grow. So if you are not giving your business any attention right now. Where will it be in 6 months?

That is a really scary question for a lot of people right now. Where will your business be in 6 months…?

The answer: exactly where you intend it to be – bad or good. **Boom** 

Being a digital marketing and business mentor to so many business owners I have been helping a lot of people handle this crisis and plan for the future. I have found that most business owners take one of two stances right now. 

The Lack Mindset: The whole world is going to hell, my business is going to hell, I don’t know how to handle this, it’s all over – horde toilet paper. 


The Prosperity Mindset: This is scary, I am handling this the best I can, I know I and my business will make it through – here is what I want to grow once this is over. 

Seems funny I know but really this is what it comes down to. Truly, this is what it comes down to on the SUBCONSCIOUS level. What you believe. 

So take a moment and really ask yourself – deep down what do I believe the outcome of all of this will be? Your answer may surprise you. 

It is this underlying belief that will make or break you. It is a critical factor in if you will be successful or not through/after this pandemic. 

Some of you may be triggered by that statement. Saying things like “No, but the economy, but money, but jobs, but this, but that.” and I would say that I hear you but – your mindset is currently in a Lack Mindset.  If the above statement resonates with you then congrats – you are in the Prosperity Mindset!

Now please don’t think me cold – I see the world, I know what is going on, I worry and am affected just as much as you are. What I am saying here is if you want to be prosperous when this is all over – it starts right now, right here, in your mind.  

What you focus on will come to be – so now more than ever is it absolutely critical that you focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

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Time for the deep dive 

So let’s take a look at someone who may currently be sitting in the lack mindset. This is a business owner who may be “freaking out” right about now. Someone who is constantly checking the news, constantly distracted by Breaking News updates, someone who hangs on every new data stat or death toll update. They can’t seem to talk about anything else but the COVID-19 pandemic. Someone who is stress shopping. Buying more than they need, spending more money than they need to. Maybe someone is reacting emotionally to large business decisions. Overreacting or unloading on their employees. In general, a huge ball of stress and anxiety. Someone not being a leader. 

We all go through these moments but if you are living in this mindstate – what are you focusing on? Business owners who are too much in this mind state are focusing on: LACK. 

Lack of money, lack of control, lack of empowerment, lack of hope. lack of love. The people in my life who I would put in this category, honest to god, are spending 60%-80% of their time, energy, and focus on lack! 

OMG – 60%-80% of their focus is on what isn’t working, what is wrong, and what they are losing! Really! 

If you put that much of your attention on losing money, being broke, not being successful, losing business. I promise you that is exactly what you will end up with. 

So, if you want your business to be successful and to grow during all of this – you must shift to the prosperity mindset. 

Someone who embodies the prosperity mindset is grounded. They understand that some bad things are happening right now but they know they will make it through the other side. They are thoughtful and instill confidence in their employees. No matter what they must do in the short term. These business owners are able to make level headed decisions about loans or the CARES ACT. Staying updated and informed but limiting their time on media sources. They are taking time for themselves so they can support those around them. They are being kind to others and staying adaptable. Business owners who are standing strong in this mind state are focusing on: THE FUTURE.  

If I had to put some numbers around it I would say they spend less than 10% of their energy focused on COVID-19, 30% on running their business here and now,  and around 30% of their time on future planning.     

Can you see the difference between these two types of business owners

People with a Lack mindset are spending around 60% of their energy in what they don’t have

People with a Prosperity mindset are spending around 60% of their energy in what they do have and what they want to have in the future. 

H.U.G.E    F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G   D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.C.E

Where you put your energy is where your business will go. I think every business owner has seen that in their life. You focus on getting more leads – you get more leads, you focus on growing – you grow, you focus on providing the best product ever – you will create it. 

Our minds are so powerful. They create the blueprint for all the action the follows. When all your mind is doing is thinking of the worst-case scenario, or going over and over the same upsetting facts – that is what will show up in your life. 

If your mind can focus on the good and the opportunities they lay ahead – more will show up in your life. The big dreams you had for 2020 aren’t dead, they just need your attention and energy to help them grow. 

Where your attention goes – energy flows. Make sure you are putting your energy into the future you do want – not all the things you don’t want. 

Now the million-dollar question – How do I go from a lack mindset to a prosperity mindset?

Such a wonderful question with a simple answer. Be grateful for all you have now and all you will have in the future – and the rest will come. 

When you can stop the nauseating up and down cycle of worry, fear, and lack – you can get off the ride. You can stand with both feet on the ground and look to the future. You do this by being grateful for everything you have. 

Thankful for the customers that you still have, thankful for your employees who are willing to stand by your side, thankful for the opportunity to spend more time at home, thankful for not having to commute every day,  thankful for yoga pants and their infinite comfiness, thankful for the toilet paper you have, thankful your friends and neighbors are healthy, thankful for your community, thankful for the stimulus checks, thankful for the air you breathe and the life you live. Thankful that this too shall pass. 

You can’t be grateful and in lack at the same time. When you shift your mindset from fear of all the things you can’t control to being thankful for all you have – you rewrite your story. 

You take back control and you are able to put energy into designing your future. 

When you do this – you change everything. When you adjust your subconscious belief through gratitude you take your power and your future back. You are able to put your energy into creating the life and business that you want. You reroute 30% of your energy from lack > to prosperity. 

Take Aways

I know it feels really weird right now. Every day adds a new element or update that has the potential to affect your life in a huge way. It is so hard to know what to do this week let alone in 6 months – but you must focus on the future. 

Shifting your mindset from lack to prosperity through gratitude for all you do have is a game-changer. It is the difference between being successful through this or failing.  

What you focus on will come to be, so focus on what you DO want – not what you don’t want. 

Whether you are successful in 6 months or not – all comes down to a single idea, one principle that will make all the difference and that is your focus.

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