The Benchmark Data Point Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

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Watch my video to learn about what benchmark data point I think every small business owner needs to know!

Before you make your next marketing move – understand how to make the best decision for your business.

The Benchmark Data Point Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know To Make The Best Marketing Decisions Video Transcript: 

Hi everyone and welcome I’m Meredith, founder and lead marketer here at Marketing Maiden. Thank you so much for joining me for my benchmark data video and a little inspiration and information to help you market your small business better.

Today we are talking about benchmark data, and I love data, so I am super excited. A lot of small business owners here who are just starting. They don’t have big numbers, and they don’t have a ton of information to work with. When you’re learning how to market your business and you’re looking at tips and videos, it can be hard when they are talking about their Google Analytics with 12,000 of traffic coming to their website. But what about the small business owner who may be just launched their website and maybe only has 12 people coming to their website? This information can be kinda distorting, and it can be demotivating, and it can be a little bit hard. 

First,  I want to talk to you guys about benchmark data points and the sweet spot regarding where you need to be to get real data about your small business, without going like super-big numbers. This is something that I’ve been working with for a long time. This is information I got this from someone online and I thought this was a great piece of information and I want to share it with you guys. And that’s the magic number of data is 200…

What that means is that when you have 200 visitors to your website, when you have a combination of 200 pieces of engagement on a post or have a combination of you 200 people that come to a certain blog – that is when you hit that magic number. When you have enough data to make an educated marketing decision. 

Now, This comes from experience – when I started my business when I used to put posts and I used to ask people what type of content do you guys want for me. Maybe 5 people would answer. Or you know I would have a few people here, a few people there maybe 50 people responding. I would go in the direction that these few numbers were provided to me and it wasn’t quite accurate. I wasn’t getting an accurate read on my Google Analytics information when I had that kind of lower numbers. In the beginning, I wasn’t getting a good understanding of what kind of content I should put out my social media platforms. 

When I had those smaller numbers and used those smaller data points – I was able to make decisions, but they weren’t the right decisions that I needed to make. I wasn’t speaking to my whole target market, I was just speaking to like my mom and my sister who are commenting on my Facebook page at that time!

I think this is a great benchmark data number for all of you guys to strive for. Let’s try getting 200 people to your website or 200 pieces of traffic to your website before you dive into Google Analytics. 

Then take a look at the benchmark data, then you can make to start making decisions on what keywords you should rank for. You can start deciding on what type of blogs people are coming to. You can make decisions on the behaviors in the traffic of the website. 

I know some people out there might be saying, “Hey, isn’t it a little, a bit of wasted traffic?”I guarantee you it’s not. The truth is 37% of all website traffic and all people clicking on your stuff is just Spam anyway. If you had 200 people – 37% is about 74 people that aren’t even your traffic. Now take that number out of your 2 super fans, your Advocates, your parents, your sister – all those people who click on absolutely everything. That is another couple percent, at least 30 people. So just under 100 people out of 200 are your core demographic. Your ideal customer, people who are organically finding you. This is why you need this benchmark data point!

You need those higher numbers so you can test stuff and get a good understanding of what the process is in any part of your sales cycle for a real person out there. The ideal customer that you want to serve in every way possible. 

So that is our magic benchmark data number. I think it applies to Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media, blogs, website traffic. Also, for email marketing, this is fantastic. Once you have 200 opens you can make a better decision. When you have 200 clicks on something you can make a better decision.  

I hope that this was helpful, I hope that this makes sense! If you’ve more data questions always let me know. I love talking about you guys. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Thank you all so much for being a part of my community and joining me here. I love getting to know you!

Lastly, if you want to learn more or connect with me more sign up for my mailing list here. You will get exclusive and first access to my content, workshop and, worksheets. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! 

Until next time –

Meredith <3

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